I was in love with makeup since I was 10 yrs old. I use to do makeup on my sisters, cousins and friends. As I was growing up makeup become a passion for me. I use to try mixing different colours and making different looks. Finally I decided to convert my passion into my profession. For a girl, it's important to look perfect and fabulous on her special day. For the past 25 years, I have been using my passion for several brides so that they flaunt on their special day. This extensive experience means that i realise just how important a bride's makeup is - important that she feels 'a million dollars.
  The pioneer of all international beauty
  Anti-Pigmentation Treatment
  Anti-Acne Treatment
  Treatment for Scars & Tanning
  Skin Lightening
  Anti-aging Program for 30+ Ladies
  Enzymes Peel
  All international Skin Care Program
  Pre bridal skin care packages
  Japanese YUKO Rebonding first time in MP
      Straightening,   Smoothening,
  Perming Designer Hair Cuts,
 Celebrity Hair Cutting Hair Colouring
  High-lightening Hair Spa Therapy
  Hair Care Program for falling hair
 Cell renewal treatment for all kind of skin problems

A favourite treatment among Hollywood’s and Bollywood’s elite. This therapy will target many problems including uneven skin tone, sun and age spots, acne, dullness, fine lines and more.(A complete treatment for all types of skin problems like-Acne, Wrinkles, Dull skin, Matured skin) etc.

  Polishing Spirulina Treatment for skin

Treatment based on liquorice spirulina and aromatic compounds. All Effective Minerals from French Galicia, for Face- Glow & Body. Unique Antioxidant therapy will fade freckles.