HEADSHOTS, PORTFOLIO, PAGEANTS AND FASHION / BRIDAL SHOWS Includes Professional HD Airbrush Makeup. ... Founder and Creator of Sheela's Salon De Beauté, Koh-E-Fiza, Bhopal

Looking for a professonal makeup artist for your Model Portfolio, Visit @Sheela's Salon De Beauté.

Modeling is a first impression business and it is absolutely necessary that you look your best. Hire a makeup artist for your portfolio shoot if you are serious about putting together a top-notch portfolio.

Your modeling portfolio, comp card and acting headshot are your most important marketing tools. You do not want to cut corners when shooting for them. Don’t think that you will be able to do a good job on your own makeup AND model at the same time.

If you want a great portfolio you need to hire a expert makeup artist. Boost your modeling career with our advanced HD Makeup techniques. Sheela N Kishore is an expert makeup artist with experience in all aspects of the makeup world. Her training and education as a Master Makeup Artist is from Beauty School of Makeup. Her background and experience create a unique style that characterizes her artistic talent.
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