School of Beauty
  Beauty Parlour Courses: (3 Months) 200 Hours Beautician Diploma )

For those who wants to take their first step in the beauty industry or want to start their enterprise, Sheela's Salon School of Beauty offers the best beauty parlour course


Skin Anatomy, Skin Problems, Electrology, Ozone Treatment, Home Care Recipes, Grooming & Service Standards of Therapist, Salon Hygiene & Sanitization, Waxing, Veg Peel, Manicure Pedicure, Threading, Bleaching, Clean-up, Facials, Youth Facial, Skin Food, Mask 1, Mask 2, Marrow Facial, Fruit Facial, Back Massage, Difference Blackheads & Whiteheads, Difference Oxilation & Steam


Shampooing, Conditioning, Deep Conditioning, Home Care Recipes, Hair Fall Treatment, Henna Dye, Henna Conditioner, Hair Styling, Bridal Hairstyle, Braids, Fishtail, Arabian, Half Arabian, Braided Hairstyle, French, Half French, Revers French, Basic Hair Cutting, Blow Dry, Ironing, Crimping, Hair Spa, Head Massage, Hot Oil Therapy, Professional Ethics & Salon Management, Hygienic Techniques, Health & Safety

Bridal Makeup:

Basic Makeup, Liquid Foundation Application, Cream Foundation Application, Cake Foundation Application, Waterproof Bridal Makeup, Morning Bride, Evening Bride, Reception Makeup
Beauty Clinic Diploma:

This programme qualifies its diploma holder to be a Skin Care Specialist performing various facial treatments and complete skin analysis.

Skin Culture:

Skin Anatomy, Cleansing, Exfoliation, Facials, Thermoherb, Mold Mask, Ageing Process, Paraffin Facial, Lint Mask, Peel off Mask, Lymphatic Drainage , 5 Stage Facial, 9 Stage Facial, 10 Stage facial, Galvanic Facial , Ionized Facial, High Frequency, O2, Ozone, Steam/Vapozone, Ultrasonic, Consultation & Analysis, Skin Analysis & Treatments, Herbal Treatment for Pimples, Herbal Treatment for Pigmentation, Aromatherapy, Nail Extension (Temporary), French Nail, Deluxe Manicure/Pedicure , Spa, Paraffin, French, Nail Art Basic, Spa Therapy, Body Polishing, Body Massage, Body Wrapping.

Hair Culture:

Hair Anatomy, Herbal Treatment for Hair Fall, Hair Analysis and Treatments, Turban Therapy, Thermal Setting, Alopecia, Hair Cuts, Blunt, Straight Cut, U Cut, V Cut, Step Cut, Layer Cut, Razor Cut, Perming, Hair Colouring, High-lightening, Hair Re-bonding, Hot Roller Settings, Rope, Four Sections, Five Sections, Hair Spa, One Role, Two Roles, Three Roles, Five Roles, Nine Roles.
Pro Makeup Artist
Bridal Makeup 15 Days (15 Hours)

  Basics of Makeup
  Tools of Makeup
  Concealing Techniques
  Base Techniques
  Colour Applications
  Blusher Application
  Eye Shadow applications
  Lip Colour Applications
  Engagement Makeup
  Day Makeup
  Evening Makeup
  Reception Makeup
  Glossy Makeup
  Bridal Look with Saree Draping
  Traditional Bride
  Contemporary Bride
Makeup Artist Program 1 Month (30 Hours)

  Colour Theory
  Face Shape
  Basic Contouring & Traditional Bride
  Glamour Bride & Media Makeup
  Smokey Eye Makeup
  Eye Lash Application
  Eye Liner Techniques
  Lances Applications
  Fashion Makeup/Ramp Makeup
  Creative Makeup
  Indo Western Makeup
  Colour Analysis
  Choosing The Right Base & Day Makeup
  Evening Makeup & Eyes Shaping
  Lip Correction
  Bridal Makeup & Saree Draping
Project work : My Bride Submission, Creative Makeup.
Participants to Bring : Makeup Kit, Brush Set, Sponges, puff, Tissue, Cotton, Makeup Cleansers !
Hairdressing Courses
Basic Hair Professional-Level 1 (2 Weeks)

  Basic Science of Hair
  Shampooing & Deep Conditioning
  Basic Hair Cutting Techniques
  Blow Dry & Thermal Setting

Hair Dressing Program-Level 2 (3 Weeks)

  Advanced Hair Cutting Techniques
  Styling with Products
  Colouring Principles & Techniques
  Perming & Rebonding Techniques
Hair Chemical Professional-Level 3 (4 Weeks)

  Combination of Cuts
  Combination of Colours
  Combination of Perming & Combination of Rebonding
  Colour Correction & Hair Cut Creativity

Hair Cut Professional (4 Weeks)

  Basic Science of Hair
  Basic Hair Cutting Techniques
  Blow Dry & Thermal Setting
  Advanced Hair Cutting Technique & Styling with Products
Expert Hair Stylist Diploma

Science of Hair, Hair Trichology, Advanced Hairdressing, Basic Revision, Advanced Hair Cuts, Advanced Hairstyles, Hair Disorders, Hair Colouring Principles & Techniques, Hair Colouring-All Levels, Styling with Products, Hair Straightening, Hair Rebonding, Hair Smoothening, Thermal Hairstyles, Celebrity Hairstyles, Hair Jetting, Hair Perming, Hair Spa, Hair Treatments, Temporary Bald Patch, Combination of Cuts, Combination of Colours

2 Months (40 Hours)
Personal Makeup Grooming
Do you have a make-up bag full of products you've never used? Do you want to create a certain look but don't know where to start? Then one of my Personal Grooming sessions is just what you need.

Make-up is about looking good without looking "made up". Most women find the art of make-up cowing until the mystery is stripped. ...Most of time girls are unsure of what to select at a cosmetics store, and end up buying products that they might never use.....learn the perfect look with minimum cosmetics!!

Join Sheela's Salon DE Beaute for personal makeup .... For some of you who would like to perfect their own make up, my Personal grooming sessions will guide you in essential makeup skills, beginning with skincare right through to choosing the correct lip and eye colour.